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“A shortfilm from the BMX Worlds 2009.
Due to bad weather the category Park Pro was cancelled
and there for it’s not part of the film. ”
- Johannes Dreyer

“The BMX Worlds 2009 presented by ROCKSTAR Energy Drink seemed bewitched this year. Lots of rain and many interruptions gave the orga-team a hard time. Nevertheless they overdid themselves with an organisational masterpiece and managed to get through almost all of the pro finals.

It was supposed to be the the BMX highlight of the year…and it definetly was. The BMX Worlds 2009 presented by ROCKSTAR Energy Drink celebrated BMX and the 25 year jubilee of BMX at the Jugendpark. Many will be back next year – that we know. Everything was arranged for the celebrations: The original “Haro Freestyle Team”, the entire world elite of freestyle BMX, thousands of wonderful fans and many, many surprises – the weather being the only unpleasent one. Because of the very inconsistent weather and the huge starter field the pro street contest had to be cancelled.

Dirt finals saved the day! The new dirt champion is called Anthony Napolitan with far out runs – stunning. And it got very hot with Francisco Jimenez, who wasn’t happy with his first two runs and tried to persuade the judges with a litlle bit of flesh – he went down the starter completely naked and the crowd was very pleased. Definetely his best of three.

Nobody doubted who would go for gold in the vert, and multiple X-Games champion Jamie Bestwick proved them right. In the Vert contest Jamie totally rocked the pipe and literally flew away into Cologne’s night sky.

Fans of the miniramp were in for a big surprise. Mark Webb came in third and Venezuelan Daniel Dhers went for gold. Who’s the vice champion? It’s not Ben Wallace. Fourteen year old “Mad Dog” Bananwitcz came in second with an amazing run and left people around the miniramp wondering who that whizz kid was.

Finally, we would love to thank all riders and fans for sticking around despite the shitty weather. It’s a beautiful thing to see, how many people you can get together for the love of this great sport. Thanks to all of you it was a wonderful weekend here at the contest with the best atmosphere one could hope for. We can’t wait to see you again next year, at another BMX event at the Jugenpark CologneYouth. ”

BMX Worlds 2009 in Germany, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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