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In association with Kingdom Magazine, a video by Ben Shelbourne…
Starring Nick Lomax, Mike Salt, Andy Spary and Alex Burston, ‘Let It Never End’, encompasses where rollerblading brings us, takes us and why we want it to carry on filling our lives with culture, youthfulness and the passion to keep evolving our way of life. Including mini views on Lee Devereux and Scott Hallows. Featuring skaters such as Frazer Watson, Andrew Hosker, Chaz Sands, Si Cox, Sim Warren, Leon Humphries, Blake Bird, Joey Egan, Matt Chilvers, Elliot Stevens and many more…
Sit back and enjoy this short teaser
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Ben Shelbourne Let It Never End - 2009 Trailer, 5.5 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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