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Ralf skate good.

“Remz Flowfile Ft. Ralf Monnerup from Copenhagen Denmark.

Whatup Ralf, tell us a bit about yourself:
- My name is Ralf Monnerup, Im 18 years old, born and raised in Copenhagen. Ive been skating for about 4-5 years. Im sponsored by Skatepro, Denmark. I skate pretty much every day. I skate Remz and Ive been skating them for about 2 years now. I like skating both park and street, but Id consider myself as a park rat.

Your skating scene:
- The scene in Denmark is pretty small, but its cool that everyone knows each other. There are actually a lot of younger guys showing up around the park lately. Its cool to see new people joining the sport.
When I go skate I usually skate with Jacob Juul (Remz Pro). He always seems to be pushing me and I always end up learning something new every time we have a session. Hes a really cool person and hes taught me a lot of things.

You and Remz:
- I heard from Jacob that Kato wanted me as a Remz flow skater in Denmark, and then he said that I should work on a flowfile so I started filming some street clips and after about 1 or 2 months its here.
Its really an honor for me to be featured on a Remz FlowFile.

- I like to ride my skates tight as they give me the perfect support but at the same time a lot of flex. Its amazing that Remz can be both flexible for topside tricks and stable for gaps. Its a perfect skate for me and I don’t think that I will ever find anything better. Remz are simply awesome!

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July 25, 2009

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