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Whatever I used to rock that back in the Grand Theft Auto days, we didn’t have no name like ‘Toilet Paper Roll’, we called that SICK! Today is the best trick comp, can’t wait to see him whip it out.

Travis Pastrana practicing the ‘Toilet Paper Roll’ at X-Games 15, 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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July 31, 2009

One Comment to “Travis Pastrana practicing the ‘Toilet Paper Roll’ at X-Games 15”
  1. kallie hatley Says:

    hey my name is kallie im 14 and i ride a 125cc,suzuki i can do a backflip and a wheelie and thats about all i an do tried to ride the dirt bike across water didnt work out to well you r my role model i wouldnt say im obbesed with you but do like you thats my dream is to be like yu ive been riding every since i was 4 my brothers and dad taught me but other than that,thats all i got to say hope to meat you some day!:)

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