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#7 Skateboard Simulator

A skateboard simulator includes a base, at least one support, a skateboard deck and a display. The skateboard deck is moveably mounted on the base by the at least one support. As a user moves the skateboard deck, the image presented on said display is responsive to movement of the skateboard deck.
Skateboard Simulator

#6 Rotating Skateboard

The deck has a friction ring fixed to the underside with fasteners passing through the deck and friction ring into the carriage retaining ring thereby enabling the deck to rotate relative to the carriage.
Rotating Skateboard

#5 Curvy Skateboard

The ornamental design for a skateboard, as shown described.
Curvy Skateboard

#4 Skateboard Leash

A skateboard leash that is to be held against the rider’s feet when the rider is performing aerial maneuvers using the skateboard.
Skateboard Leash

#3 Human-powered Skateboard Rollercoaster

A human powered skateboard roller coaster used by skateboarders having various degrees of skateboarding skills. The skateboard roller coaster broadly includes a skateboard having wheels attached to a first and second rail of a roller coaster like track.
Human-powered Skateboard Rollercoaster:

#2 Audio Entertainment Skateboard

An audio entertainment device, such as a radio receiver, is mounted to the lower surface of the skateboard between the rearward truck and the tail skid plate such that contact with the ground by the audio entertainment device is prevented and possible damage is minimized.
Audio Entertainment Skateboard

#1 Pyrotechnic Skateboard

A pyrotechnic device is disclosed which mounts to the underside of a skateboard. When frictionally engaged with an abrasive surface traveled by the skateboard, the pyrotechnic device emits sparks so as to accentuate stunts being performed by the user.

Pyrotechnic Skateboard

Honorable Mention: Rollerskate Sails

A sail device for use in propelling a roller skater, ice skater or the like employs a balancing pole from which the sail material is suspended.
Rollerskate Sails

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April 30, 2010

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  1. Storm Says:

    Deffinately seen the pyro one before, its a little flint attachment you put on the tail pretty sick

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