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It’s nearly summer and you’re in the market for a new skateboard. Hell, if you ride and trick hard enough, you’re always in the market for a new skateboard. While there’s no magic bullet when it comes to skating (you kind of have to fine-tune what works best for you) pros and amateurs are killing it and reviewing it on the street and in the park every day, giving you a clue as to what decks, trucks and wheels work and look best. Here are some ideas for your next board.

Best Decks

Flip Penny P2

In the grand scheme of boards, skate decks have traditionally been pretty damn simple: seven layers worth of plywood with near-identical shapes. There were some slight variations in size and design, but compared to snowboards or surfboards, skateboards were always pretty uniform. More recently, board companies have been experimenting with more advanced technology and design to increase pop, ride and durability.

Flip, which is ranked on Skateboard Reviews as the top board company, earns big points for graphics. Look at their 2011 line of colorful, vortex-like P2 pro models, and you’ll see why. According to the site, Flip doesn’t score so hot in terms of durability or construction, but its new P2 line should change all that. It uses a Kevlar maple veneer to increase pop, response and durability. Almost has a similar design in its Double Impact models, only it uses a carbon top sheet over top six layers of plywood. It also integrates die-cut carbon discs for enhanced strength. Other decks to consider include Element, Blind, Plan B and Enjoi.

Best Trucks

Tensor Magnesium R 2 Low

When it comes to fastening your wheels to your deck, look for lightweight build, responsiveness and superior strength. Pro rider Geoff Rowley looks for turning radius and strength in trucks and was featured in Transworld Skateboarding endorsing the Independent Stage 10 Standards, which are guaranteed for life. Daewon Song rides the Tensor Magnesium Response 2 Lows, which feature hollow axle and kingpin for increased weight savings.

Best Wheels

Bones 100s 52 mm

You’ll want to fine-tune the size of your wheels to preference. Some quality options to consider: Bones 100s 52 mm Mixups were picked as a staff pick on Zumiez with a full five-star rating. Plan B Dayglo Mashup 52 mm wheels also got a staff pick, pulling in a four-star rating. Other options to consider are Ricta Super Parks and Gold Gallant Panthers.

Best Completes

Don’t have patience to build your board a la carte? Consider purchasing a complete board. Some best sellers on CCS include the Blind Plaid Combo Complete and the Alien Workshop Dyrdek Primary Complete.

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May 19, 2011

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