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“In the past, MACHNAU, HASLAM, MUMFORD, DUNCOMBE, and LUTZKA all fell under the spell of the mysterious BLACK VAN. Where it’s taken them, we don’t quite know. But alas, the youth are getting restless. The hunter becomes the hunted in EPISODE 5, as RYAN DECENZO and the GLOBE skate team are UNITED BY FATE. “
The latest installment in the United By Fate episodes from Globe. Tight!

Here’s the highlights from episodes 1-4:

United By Fate Episode Globe Skate Team Decenzo Gonzalez Machnau Haslam Mumford Duncombe Lutzka Black Van United By Fate Five

Globe United By Fate - Episode 5, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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