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“Rotterdam Grand Prix of Skateboarding commercial.
18 en 19 July 2009 @ Leuvehoofd – next to Erasmusbrug

-New Contestformat called Stairway to Heaven
- SPoTlight crew
-50.000 USD purse (PRO street & Photocontest)
-20.000 USD flight-coverage purse to get pro’s to Europe
-3 nights of partying
-Sick ass outside location next to Erasmusbridge

Featuring riders:
Ben Nordberg
Tom Penny
Axel Cruysberghs
Curren Caples
Bryan Herman
Spanky Kevin Long
Brandon Westgate
Jerry Hsu
Aaron Suski
Marquis Preston
Jamie Tancowny
Justin Figueroa
Collin Provost


Rotterdam Grand Prix of Skateboarding - 2009 Commercial, 7.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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Posted On:
July 2, 2009

2 Comments to “Rotterdam Grand Prix of Skateboarding – 2009 Commercial”
  1. Cheap Skateboard Gear Says:

    This is a really cool commercial. Can’t wait to see the 2010 commercial!

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  2. skateboarding Says:

    Wow, i never knew that skateboarding was so popular in the Netherlands. This video was awesome. It looked like it was made with stop motion.

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