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“Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy is a feature documentary that follows one of skateboardings most infamous underground figures. Pro-skater Brewce Martin is the self-declared dictator of a rural Appalachian skate scene so extreme that MTVs bad-boy Bam Margera fled the property on his first visit. The movie follows Brewce for a tumultuous year as he struggles to keep Skatopia afloat. Though he declares skating his prime directive, the film reveals a fiercely driven entrepreneur determined to achieve success on his own terms. ”
- Chunnel

When you want to relax you might close your eyes and imagine a place that makes you happy, or calm; perhaps even try to fade away to an intangible state of utopia. Now, imagine that while attempting to center your chakra, suddenly a flaming mini-van pops into your cranium and scares the hell out of you! That’s exactly what this “Skatopia” documentary did when I saw it. I have to admit though – it’s pretty bad ass what these kids (and this 40 year old) are doing. They’re one big bowl-skating, ramp-building, car-burning family in the middle of the Appalachians. It’s not utopia, it’s Skatopia!

“Last year, Rolling Stone took a visit to Skatopia, an 88-acre skate park outside of Rutland, Ohio where many of the sport’s greats have come to marvel at the skate paradise owned by Brewce Martin. (Revisit Rolling Stone’s journey to Rutland in Welcome to Skatopia: Eighty-Eight Acres of Anarchy in the USA.) Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy, a documentary about the unique skater heaven, premieres this weekend, but the debut will be as much of a tribute as it is a celebration: Martin was nearly killed last month when he suffered massive head injuries from an exploding tire.

While a rep for the film tells Rock Daily that Martin is improving, it may be years before Martin is fully recovered, and until that time the extent of the brain injuries will remain unknown. Many of New York’s best skateboarders will be on hand July 11th when Skatopia debuts at New York’s Tribeca Cinema. For more info on the film, check out its official Website.
- Rolling Stone

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July 15, 2009

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