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The legendary Carlsbad Gap was demolished last week. It’s really sad and actually kinda hard to watch such a famous spot being destroyed, but it’s been known for some time that this would occur as the school is undergoing a huge construction project to make improvements. I almost wish they had just picked the whole thing up and moved it somewhere else, but I guess it would never been the same.

The reason the gap was so famous is not because of how big it is, but because of it’s multiple challenges. People say that you can’t really tell what it’s like unless you see it in real life. For starters there is a wall that must be cleared, cracks in the ground, and an uphill landing. The spot became a proving ground where fame was won with each new trick landed.

Kris Markovich was there to get in the last ever ollie down it, he was the first to kickflip the gap in 94 which started the whole thing. He gets the nod with the kickflip as the first trick in this montage:

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February 28, 2012

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