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Awesome compilation of some of the best clips from the 09/10 snowboard videos.

Best Of The 2010 Snowboarding Videos, 9.4 out of 10 based on 35 ratings
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December 31, 2009

4 Comments to “Best Of The 2010 Snowboarding Videos”
  1. reppinNW Says:

    Sup dude!
    Glad you liked the flick, and thanks for featuring it!
    The song is called The Parable of Math by B.Hantoot
    (free download on his site
    Keep Shreddin’

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  2. munacowi Says:

    great video, it makes me want to go ride all day and night…

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  3. Peshy Says:

    I’m so glad this was jumps instead of rails. A noticed a lot a ski-style jumps being made too! Guess you need it for those massive double corks.

    A question for you guys to answer…Do you think double corks are getting played out? What’s next?

    I personally like a clean rodeo 9 like at 2:37 better than double corks

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  4. fb Says:

    that was siiiiiiiiiiiiiick

    sooo many doubles!!!!

    is there really anything worse than it being 75 outside with no snow and having to watch all these insane tricks. all this makes me wanna do is grab my board and bust out some mad spins/flips/rails lol

    great job yall

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