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Tell your moms tell your friends, Friends. is out! Shot during the 2010-11 winter in the North East Kingdom of Vermont Friends. is a movie about snow. and friends. period. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible, and thanks to mother nature for a SICK winter. Enjoy!

Andy Cornish. Alex Montgomery. Brandon Villeneuve. Carney Larrabee. Chas Storrow. Cody Sanders. Connor Campbell. Drew O’Brien. Joel Lacoss. Kevin Ramsay. Marc Hendrickson. Mack Mccaughey. Mike Halvorsen. Steve Mahon. Steve Murray. Taylor Craft. and many more…

Shot on a Canon 7d, edited with AfterEffects CS5 and Final Cut Pro

Friends. a snow show., 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

This video was submitted by kl3inpro.

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