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“The Forum team, formed in around 1997, was dominating the snowboard scene to the point Mack Dawg Productions was willing to film their own video. The Forum company accepted because they knew this would raise publicity and push more product. Halfway through the film, other companies and distributors said it was impossible, and Mack Dawg (Mike McEntire) himself wanted to pull the plug on the project. All of this motivated the team and Sean Kearns, the director of the project. The final project was The Resistance, one of the most progressive films of all time.

The Story of the Forum Company
Peter Line was one of the top snowboarders in the world in the early and late 1990′s. He won numerous X Games metals and constantly invented new mind blowing tricks which he exhibited in his great video parts. After one of his contracts with a sponsor expired, Peter said “there are no companies I want to ride for, or honestly that could afford me”, so he started his own snowboard company named Forum.

To grow the company and increase interest in their product, Forum signed seven young, rising stars in the industry. The riders stole the spotlight in Mack Dawg’s 1998 and 1999 films, Decade and Technical Difficulties, respectivly. With the right guys promoting the brand, Forum is now one of the largest snowboard manufacturer’s in the industry, also manufacturing Bindings, Boots, and a varity of soft goods.

JP Walker, Devun Walsh, Bjorn Leines, Peter Line, Jeremy Jones, Chris Dufficy, Joni Malmi, Nate Bozung, and Mike Page.

David Carrier-Porcheron, Jason Murphy, Erik Leines, Kevin Jones, Brian Thien, and Todd Richards

True Life is different from The Resistance in a number of ways. First is that the riders were heavily involved in editing their part and putting it all together. Second, is the addition of more “behind the scenes/on the road” type footage that was missing from past movies. Also, an unfortunate difference is both Bjorn Leines and Peter Line were injured and only had a little bit of footage. It also shows the comeback of Chris Dufficy, who retired from snowboarding for a year due to numerous head concussions.

The movie starts with a somber tribute to Mike Page and Mikko Sjoblem, both of whom were seriously injured during that winter. Page was returning to the bottom of Whistler mountain after a late night photo shoot, but ran into a knee-high wire stretched across a ski run. Page and one other had to be air lifted out, where the news got worse for Mike. At first the doctors thought amputation was the only solution, but since Mike has made a full recovery and still snowboards professionally. He got a few shots for this movie, and even won a “big air” contest less than a year after the incident.

Mikko Sjoblem was not as lucky as Mike Page was. Mikko flew 160 feet off a 80 foot table top, he landed on his board, but then lost it. He was in a coma for several weeks, and was not expected to live. Mikko did not die, but I don’t think he snowbnoards any more…

Chris Dufficy has the first part and the feel good story of the year. He was forced to give up snowboarding due to numerous head injuries, but returns with a completely new look. He still slaughters backcountry jumps but has to wear a helmet to avoid injuring the noggin.

Jeremy Jones is one of the best rail sliders and snowboarders overall in the world. His part in The Resistance was very good, but he manages to improve on it even more. He slides more difficult handrails and does even more technical tricks on them. Also his air stuff is top notch, throwing down technical, stylish tricks.

Bjorn Leines is one of the best all around snowboarders in the industry. He had one of the best parts in The Resistance, but injures himself in this one. Actually, he injures himself three different times before the segment is over and its almost hard to watch,.

Nate Bozung and Mike Page both had the best parts in the “Youngbloods” section last year. Bozung expands on his part and slides a bunch of handrails with style. Page must have filmed a little bit before he got injured, because he has a few shots in this one.

Peter Line is a snowboard legend and the founder of Forum. Unfortunately, he tears his ACL and doesn’t have many shots in this one. It really doesn’t do justice to how talented Peter really is.

Devun Walsh was injured for most of last year, but still put together a solid part in The Resistance in six days. During this season, he was healthy and piles some solid footage. Devun rarely throws down huge tricks, but all of his tricks are super stylish and fun to watch.

The Friends section features some of the biggest names in snowboarding. Kevin Jones, Brian Thien, and Todd Richards have the best short segments.

I was not a fan of Joni Malmi’s segment in The Resistance, but he improves in this one. I really wasn’t a fan of it because he really only does tricks in the park, rather than the more difficult backcountry or on handrail. This one is a little less plain, and Joni does stuff on more difficult terrain.

JP Walker is one of snowboarding’s brightest stars and best rail sliders. All of his riding pushes the boundaries of snowboarding and raises the bar. He also proves in all of his video parts that he is not one dimensional and holds his own in the air. He had the closing part of The Resistance and proves he deserved it in that one and this one too. After he is done, credits roll.

Overall, True Life is a great movie that could be called one of the best of all time. But, with the injuries to Peter Line and Bjorn Leines, I really can’t say True Life was better than The Resistance.

Soundtrack (Out of 5)
Intro – “BOB” by Outkast (*****)
Chris Dufficy – “93 Til’ Infinity” by Souls of Mischief (****)
Jeremy Jones – “Everything Turns Grey” by Agent Orange (*****)
Bjorn Leines – “Killing Spree” by Swollen Members (***)
Nate Bozung/Mike Page – “Even If” by Method Man (*****)
Peter Line – “Mexican Radio” by Wall of Voodoo (*****)
Devun Walsh – “Back to Life” by Soul to Soul (****)
Friends – “Come Ride Wit Us” by Kurupt (*****)
Joni Malmi – “Get it Right” by Offspring (****)
JP Walker – “Ante Up” by MOP (*****)
Credits – “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie (*****************) YES!!!”


Mack Dawg & Forum True Life, 9.9 out of 10 based on 14 ratings
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