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The video is long but it’s a good watch if you’re into snowboarding. The style is a little cheesy and commercial, but it’s for a TV show so it’s for a wide audience. Undoubtedly T-rice has a bit of an advantage having been so instrumental in it but whatever the dude can seriously shred and this comp is amazing. I’m stoked to see the progression that will come from this style of contest, I’d far rather watch something like this than a park competition, but maybe that’s just me because I love riding powder. It’s funny watching some of the guys in the pow, you can tell they aren’t really that used to it, Kazu has an impressive freeriding ability for an Olympic halfpipe competitor. It’s so awesome to see different generations of pros coming together in one contest as well, Terje is still killing it, and so good to see Dev in there too. I was surprised they didn’t spend any time on how the starting order was decided (which was done through competitions like axe throwing), I honestly expected that to be a lot of the video but whatever just watching the snowboarding is fine. Most importantly I really REALLY want to hit a course like that one day, hopefully one day it won’t just be reserved for the top 18 freeriders in the world!

Red Bull Supernatural Full Event, 7.2 out of 10 based on 15 ratings

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  1. sorpion Says:

    Is there a way to download it? would be great

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