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Second Teaser

This teaser just gets more and more gnarly, inspiringly steezy wallride at 2:08, gap out to a kinked rail 2:28, among a ton of other goods.

“Teaser time…finally I know but it’s been a tough one so far this year. Bad snow and avalanche conditions mixed with injuries and all kinds of bad luck have made this season really challenging. Clayton has been on the road all season so editing and getting the teaser together just took a little longer than we thought. It’s been up on the Transworld site for a few weeks and it’s getting thousands of hits. Everyone worked super hard to bring you this teaser, we hope you like it.”
-Kevin Sansalone (

First Teaser

To play the video, press play in the right top corner. These guys lay down pretty much every trick in the book on this fat rail.

“Here is the first teaser for ‘Shine On’. This will be the 5th film from Sandbox and we’ll release it in September 2009. We’ve had a crazy season here in Whistler. A lot of bad snow and avalanche conditions mixed with injuries and all sorts of bad luck have made this season a challenging one for us. But we have a really great crew of riders and filmers this year. We’ve been out exploring and shredding together and that’s what it’s all about. We are going to have a bunch of videos up on this year so stay tuned for more teasers and web vids from Sandbox.
Enjoy the good times, forget the bad and Shine On.”
-Kevin Sansalone (Transworld)

Rider Edit with Jake Kuzyk

Great fun riding in Whistler. I love this video because it’s where I ride all the time, I hit that little jump just above Solar Coaster everytime I go by, and these guys are tossing 7′s off it, gotta love that. Plus the poll kick is epic.

“This is a rider edit by Jake Kuzyk and filmed by Ryan Sliziak. On a down day from filming for our new video ‘Shine On’ some guys went up Whistler & Blackcomb to dork around and put this little vid together. Special thanks to the park crews from Whistler & Blackcomb for making us sick parks all year.”
-Kevin Sansalone (Transworld)

Sandbox Films Shine On - Trailer, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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