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Edit: Latest teaser here.
This video is awesome, so stoked for the upcoming footage. Lots of good times, different styles and music. Scotty Vine on the triple backflip.
“As you can see, the ThirtyTwo/ StepChild team video is well under way. We’ve got amazing riders, a good camera crew and some great locations-the only thing missing now is a name for the movie. Send us a name and if we end up using it we’ll get you set up with some gear.

We’ve been pretty busy so far and have already logged 7 weeks on the road doing mostly urban shoots. The first trip of the year was to head out to Toronto with Simon and JP and stay with Simon’s parents.

It was the ice breaker of the year. We hit some good rails in small towns around Toronto. They were pretty good rails despite the 150 mile drives between them. Mother nature was not impressed with our carbon footprint from that trip.

Joe Sexton was recovering from knee surgery that he had last May. He tore his ACL and wasn’t supposed to ride until after Christmas. Two days after Christmas we headed out with Smon, JP and Joe to Canada’s west coast for another trip.”


For some reason this video and the one at UHH SON! have the thirtytwo and StepChild logos reversed, it’s a mystery. Only after watching this many times did I realize that Simon’s Dad was the one saying UHH SON as opposed to Simon, that’s awesome!

StepChild & thirtytwo This Video Sucks - 2010 Pre-Trailer, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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2 Comments to “StepChild & thirtytwo This Video Sucks – 2010 Pre-Trailer”
  1. willytonton Says:

    i like the contrasting styles here they suit the clips and shazam at that triple

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  2. Mcguyver Says:

    title – a cause for applause

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