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EDIT: After much controversy Volcom has decided to award the $10,000 to Zoltan but start a new competition with different rules with a prize of $20,000! Full details

Volcom has turned down Zoltan Torkos for being the first to kickflip a surfboard on film:


“Rule #3 of the Kickflipoff contest states: “The kickflip must be a real air ‘above the lip’ – No backwash, No chop hops, or anything in the flats or below the lip of the wave.

With that said, Zoltan’s kickflip is clearly below the lip and not a real air. Zoltan has pulled the first kickflip on a surfboard, but the $10,000 still remains up for grabs. We called Zoltan with our decision and he replied, “I’m not here to argue against your decision, but I am here to revolutionize surfing.

We are stoked on Zoltan and his reaction to our call. He wants to dedicate his kickflip to the memory of his lost friend Carl Reimer, and he says the money is his and he will keep trying for the $10K. Making a kickflip on a surfboard IS possible, Zoltan proved it. We anticipate seeing the winning kickflip in the near future.”

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March 9, 2011

One Comment to “Volcom Says NO To The First Surf Kickflip!”
  1. torvastabu Says:

    Volcom have decided to give him the money anyways, according to the link to “Full Details” in the describtion :)

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