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Cool stunt but the video is kind of annoying, it would have been better to just watch it from start to finish from multiple angles instead of cutting from one angle to another throughout the trick. The video quality isn’t great either.

“Stunt Junkies – “Back Flip Junction”
The mission: Execute an ATV back flip over a moving train.
Jon Guetter grew up milking cows and riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) in a tiny Minnesota farm town. Today, he is an internationally famous athlete and only person to successfully land a back flip on an ATV (also known as a “quad” or “4-wheeler”). On this episode of Stunt Junkies, Guetter will try to make a childhood dream come true: to flip an ATV over a moving train. With the help of his team and host Jeb Corliss, Guetter will modify his machine, construct a “super-kicker” take-off ramp which will launch him about nine metres straight up into the air, flip his quad over the moving train and land about 15 metres on the other side onto a metal landing ramp – all while battling unexpectedly intense wind gusts. To pull it off, he’ll need precision engineering, exquisite timing and a caboose-load of courage.”


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April 23, 2009

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