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“The Four Dimensions team have brought to you a fresh new extreme sports movie adventure.

Four riders travel the world in search of those unique places where all the conditions come together to showcase windsurfing at it’s highest level.

Using the newest editing techniques and latest equipment this DVD shows hardcore wave and freestyle action never before seen in windsurfing.

Join the dream and go for the ride of your life!

Producer: Andre Paskowski

Director and Editor: Peter Svensson

Co Editor: Sebastian Dörr

Cinematography: Peter Svensson, Andre Paskowski, Sebastian Dörr

Riders: Victor Fernandez, Marcilio Browne, Gollito Estredo, Andre Paskowski

Locations: Cape Verde, Maui, Egypt, Fuerte, Gran Canaria, Brasil, Hamburg

Extras: Paskowski Shortclips in High Quality, a full Trickbook with 50 of the newest Wave and Freestyle Moves, and much more!

Length: Movie length 45min / total DVD length around 120min ”

The Four Dimensions - 2009 Windsurf Trailer, 9.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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