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“Dedicated to the memory of Shane McConkey, the Red Bull Uncharted project brought together Wingsuit BASE jumpers Shane McConkey, Miles Daisher, and Chuck Berry. Set in Fiordland in New Zealand they do the first jumps off Terror Peak in Milford sound. The 25 minute documentary will be available in June 2009.

Read Shane’s blog about the project here:

Wingsuit Base Jumping: Red Bull Uncharted - Trailer , 9.6 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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One Comment to “Wingsuit Base Jumping: Red Bull Uncharted – Trailer”
  1. Sven "Base Jumper" Huckson Says:

    Amazing Video, love the airforce anyways. I do base jumping for like 5 years now but am nowhere close to those guys in being friggin nuts!

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