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Josh Robinson presents In-Transit. 

Charting the sports top riders as they traverse the globe, ‘In-Transit’ is a look at wakeboarding’s absolute cutting edge, viewed across stunning locations including New Zealand, Australia and across the USA. 

Along with stunning cinematography and amazing locales, the height of style and progression is what you can expect as we go on a two year trek into the lives of some of the most creative and committed minds in wake.

From booting double-ups on the aqua blue lakes of New Zealand to finding winch drops in the hidden backwaters of Texas, building rail parks in the mangrove lagoons of Australia to jetting into WSR’s private HQ for the weekend, ‘In-Transit’ is your ticket to scope out riding that’s pushing boundaries all across the world.

Available on DVD and online March 2011, with premieres in Orlando, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland.

Presented by Ronix and Urban Rider Cable, in association with WAX, Wake Magazine, Wakelife TV, and Wake Trick Guru.

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Music: Matterhorn – Prognosis Negative

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February 21, 2011

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