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Summer Slider Series #4…The first ECWP comp under the new Sesitec 2.0 cable system. As always it was a blast and even better under the cable. The pros killed it, the fans loved it and there was an awesome FUN vibe the whole time! Here is the footy the STZ crew got!

Footy captured by the one the only El Caputo
(mike Caputo)

Thanks to Chris and Stacy at ECWP the riders, fans and ALL the sponsors…Monstor, IcyWakes, Sesitec, and Shred Ready!
wake – skate – surf – snow

Darwin Deez – Radar detector
Hard in the paint (Mister Gray Dubstep Remix)

For more footage from the comp check out our boys edit from Dirtbag Productions… Such a good edit!​28222522

Also check out another edit from Norbi Vasko…always making dope edits!​Video/​324

STZ.edits (ECWP Cable Park in NC), 6.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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September 29, 2011

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